5 College Admission Application Mistakes to Avoid

5 College Admission Application Mistakes to Avoid

College life is undoubtedly the most thrilling experience of life where students encounter borderline emotions. It is the time of your life where you’re going to exhibit high levels of endurance to combat obstacles and tests as you’ll be exposed to a diverse culture of hedonism and rigidity.

From last-minute assignments to labyrinthine research reports, from handling a part-time job and the pressures of it to doing household chores and cooking meals, college life is an incredibly challenging feat. However, to experience the various attributes of college life, you have to get admission in one.

To get admission to a reputable college, students have to work arduously throughout high school. Once they graduate high school, they are bombarded with a giant enigma in the shape of a college admission application. This is their one-way ticket to college. To prepare and produce a well-rounded and outstanding application essay, students have to work incredibly hard. Some take assistance from the best essay writing service vailable online while others question their seniors about the techniques to make it into their preferred college.

The application process can turn out to be extremely chaotic if you’re not prepared and one step ahead from the beginning. From ensuring accurate deadlines to writing the most compelling piece of essay, students have to take care of multiple things. Amidst the havoc, human errors can easily occur.

Hence, below are some of the common mistakes made by students that you must always try to avoid.

Don’t exclude personal detail:

Every institution has a separate quota designed for people coming from different backgrounds. This might seem odd at first, but the system is constructed as a favour to you. Thus, ensure that you provide context and personalise data. Students from all walks of life apply for admission. There is a category of people coming from an affluent background, who had the privilege and luxury to afford excellent courses or take part in extra-curricular activities.

Similarly, there is a vast majority that didn’t have the same benefits or offerings. Instead of taking an active part in the school club activities, they were using extra hours to babysit and earn money. However, that doesn’t mean that one is treated better than the other. You have to provide context as to why you don’t hold the same certificate of experience that your batch-mate do.

Don’t be narcissistic: :

If you use the word “I” or “me” excessively in the essay, the faculty will presume that you’re a narcissist or someone with the tendency. You have to accept and acknowledge the help presented to you by your peers, parents, and teachers to attain the exceptional grades. The more you brag about your achievements without acknowledging the help you had, the higher will be the chances of your application getting rejected.

Lack of research:

Before you think of applying to a college, you must conduct thorough research. What is the university known for? What courses do they offer? Who are the founding members? Do you know the cost of tuition? These are some essential questions that you must have the answer of. In addition to having possession over this information, you should have the ability to showcase that knowledge in the essay you compose. Try and explain how the academic institution can help you achieve your dreams and ambitions. Make it sincere and authentic.

Forgetting to pay the application fees:

Numerous students get confused and mix up the application fees with admission fees. It might come across as careless and even foolish, but students should be given some slack as they are putting in arduous efforts to produce the most terrific essay. Thus, ensure that you separate the two and pay the application fees on time.

Poor grammar and inadequate proof-reading:

The staff is especially interested in evaluating your understanding of grammar. If the essay includes any careless spelling mistakes, poor grammatical structures, or punctuation errors, the checker would immediately reject your application. Thus, ensure that you spend adequate time to revise, edit, and proofread the content. Don’t rely on any online tool and seek aid from your supervisors.


Therefore, it can be established that there are several factors involved when applying to a college. It can be an incredibly stressful time, but the rewards are truly worth it.