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6 Signs That You Have Surrounded Yourself with Toxic People

For a relationship to work, mutual efforts have to be extended from both sides. Every relationship depends on the balance between give and take. However, if you are giving more than what you are receiving, the relationship can become very toxic.
A toxic relationship can be detrimental to your physical and mental well-being. If you surround yourself with toxic people, their negative aura can impact your productivity, your mental state as well as your physical well-being. Keeping this in mind, you must learn to identify and eliminate the toxic people from your life. Consider the following tips to identify whether or not you have formed toxic relationships.

You are always stressed

Life is stressful, all on its own. The stress of academic projects and responsibilities tends to drive you insane. However, if you feel that your stress is emerging from other sources such as family, work and friends, you need to consider whether certain people in those groups are toxic for you.

This stress is observed in the form of anxiety and avoidance coping. If you feel that you become anxious when you have to meet certain people, then they may be the reason behind your draining mental health. In such cases, you must confront the person before you get rid of them. Highlight the things about them which make you feel uncomfortable, and have a conversation about it. If you feel that their behaviour hasn’t changed despite having an open conversation with them, you can then kick them out of your life.

You are emotionally exhausted

Dealing with people doesn’t have to be emotionally draining. Talking to your loved ones should make you feel peaceful on the inside. However, if a conversation with people is causing you to feel emotionally exhausted, then you may need to consider the role of that person in your life. You can think about the conversations with them and pinpoint the elements which make you feel hurt. To resolve the issue, you can either confront them or cut them out of your life.

You have to make sacrifices for them

Toxic people have a habit of making you feel guilty about things you haven’t done. These individuals hold power to guilt-trip you when you engage in an act that they do not approve of. For instance, if you hire the best essay writing service for yourself, they might make you feel bad about yourself by making statements that put you down. Hence, you end up doing things that keep them happy instead of focusing on your own well-being.

They play with your insecurities

People who are manipulative strengthen their hold on others by playing with their insecurities. Being a close friend, toxic people learn about the things that you are secure about, as well as the things you are insecure about. With this knowledge, they use their insecurities against you. They put you down so they can feel better about themselves. For instance, if you feel insecure about your weight, the toxic person might leave a subtle remark on your weight or your eating habits just to put you off.

They play with your emotions

Some people use your emotions against you. They understand and acknowledge your compassion and use it to their advantage. They often try to manipulate you by making up sob stories so that you would feel sorry for them. As a result, you end up helping them out, even if it brings you inconvenience.

They blatantly lie to you

The people closest to you can often cause you great harm. This is because of the trust you place in them. However, some people abuse your trust and lie to you consistently. Toxic individuals have a habit of molding the truth so that it fits their fantasy. In addition to this, these individuals may also lie to you so that you believe that they have your back. You can observe their lies by recognizing patterns in stories they tell you.

Keeping people that are not good for your mental health can cause you more harm than good. If you can observe any of the above mentioned signs, then it is essential to take a step to either change or leave the relationship.