Learn creative essay writing ideas

Creative Essay Ideas

Regardless of being an exceptional writer, you often face writer’s block. Running out of ideas is not uncommon for most writers, as writing for a long time can squeeze out all of your creative energy. However, when it comes to subjects of art, inspiration can strike at any moment: by looking at a picture, by feeling an emotion or even by reading other people’s ideas which can stimulate your mind to generate your own ideas.

In addition to this, when you write creative essays, you can allow yourself to search within yourself for creativity and passion required to write exceptionally. Furthermore, when you write without fearing about being critically analysed, you are provided with the freedom to let your vision shine through your work. The practice of writing creative essays can initiate the process of catharsis to purify your mind while allowing you to polish your writing skills.

On that premise, if you are assigned with a creative essay and require ideas, you can ponder on the ensuing thoughts and manipulate it to provoke your own creativity:

  1. Revisit your earliest childhood memory and express it in terms of what you were feeling, what you saw and what you wished would have been there. Write a descriptive essay on the scenario.
  2. Imagine waking up in someone else’s body. You have to take care of two children under the age of two. Write a narrative essay in the first person. Ensure that your tone is humorous and engaging throughout the essay.
  3. Is humanity innately hedonistic? If yes, to what extent. Write an argumentative essay and provide evidences to support your argument.
  4. Write about yourself. Utilise descriptions to emphasise on your appearance and characteristics.
  5. Compile your writing by the accumulation of the following words: paltry, fixed, tranquil, robust and painstaking
  6. Write an essay constituting of the five-paragraph structure to convince your reader about the negative effects of climate change.
  7. Define the qualities that make a human being good or corrupt. Write an argumentative essay to define these qualities and provide evidence to support your take on the issue.
  8. Keeping aside the religious views, express your opinions on the countries practising the laws of capital punishment. Write an argumentative essay with the support of credible evidence to prove your argument.
  9. “She turned around and saw it. In that moment she knew that collateral damage was inescapable….” Write a narrative comprising of the following sentence. Use description and strong vocabulary to enhance your writing.
  10. Take a look at the trolley problem. If you are driving a train and can pull the lever to save four people or one individual, which one would you choose? You can either save four people who are on the main pathway of the rain, or you can pull the lever to divert the train resulting in the death of an individual on the right track. Explain your choice.

Following from this, you can utilise these ideas in your everyday writing to improve your writing skills by means of free writing. Additionally, you can write creative essays and surprise yourself with the imagination that lies within you!