How to write a good introduction to an essay

Essay Introduction – How It’s Done

Constructing an introduction for your essay can be an extremely daunting task. Primarily, your introduction reflects on the quality of your essay and dictates whether or not the reader views reading your essay as an enjoyable job or as a mandatory task. As a result, the stress of writing an introduction for an essay stands in the way of you initiating your writing process.

Despite holding a large share in gaining the reader’s interest, the introductory paragraph should be concise and to the point. This way, the reader will pay attention to further components of your essay. An introductory paragraph of an essay has three layers. The first layer includes an attention-grabbing statement, whereas the second layer is inclusive of sentences that define your topic and the last year consists of your thesis statement.

1. Attention-Grabbing Statements:

As the purpose of your essay introduction is to mesmerise the reader, it is always expedient to start with an attention-grabbing statement. This can be done with multiple methods such as:

  • Factual Information: Starting your essay with facts and figures can allow the reader’s interest to cultivate via your work. By adding facts, the reader gains an insight on the foundation of the topic. However, it is crucial to ensure that the facts use are astonishing as the intended purpose is to engage the audience.
  • Anecdote: An anecdote is a story or event that relates to your topic. Using an anecdote allows your essay to be more engaging as it adds a human component to the story. Although, when using an anecdote, it is crucial to keep it precise and short. Using an elongated narrative tends to make the essay uninteresting.
  • Using Quotations: Beginning essays with a quotation by a credible source aggrandises your essay. When you use quotations by a well-known yet credible source, the reader is unconsciously influenced by your work as it creates an association of beliefs with the individual who stated the quote. Hence, the credibility of the source is incorporated in your work.
  • Creating Dialogues: Similar to using quotations, creating a conversation, in the beginning, can enrich your essay with a sense of approachability. This way, your reader will feel comfortable and welcomed when reading your paper.

In regards to the foregoing methodologies, it is important to make your selection in accordance with the type of essay being written.

2. Elaborative Sentences:

Subsequent to the attention-grabbing statement, the next sentences in the introduction should be to provide a background on the topic.

3. Thesis Statement:

The last element in your introduction should be the thesis statement. This should be precise and formal. The thesis statement should include the arguments that you will be discussing in the body paragraphs. At this stage, it is essential to make sure that the thesis statement is constructed in a way that it links to the body paragraph while providing a smooth transition.

Reasoning from these facts, writing an essay introduction requires the majority of the planning. Despite that, once your introduction is strong and completed, the rest of the essay will flow naturally!