Major Hurdles to Climb For International Students in the UK

As per the statistics, the United Kingdom is the world’s second most popular destination to study. Most international students who are currently enrolled in a UK based university come from China, US, India, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. The reason why the UK is considered as one of the top study destinations in the world is that it has implemented impressive international policies that benefit students in terms of attaining visas without a hassle.

Furthermore, UK is largely cosmopolitan and multicultural from various aspects that allows exposure to the international community in a broader sense. It is home to some of the best business schools in the world.

However, in light of the recent events shaped by BREXIT, the international students have faced a serious setback. The revised policies, changed perception, and an unstable economy has given rise to major hurdles which now intervenes in the general life of international students living in the UK. Hence, there is increased racism, elevated tuition fees and other expenses, and strict visa permanence. In fact, in a recent survey, it was disclosed that BR EXIT has put off international students in large numbers that will cost approximately 700 million pounds a year.

Before BREXIT, students from around Europe could attend universities and colleges in the UK at the same cost as them. However, with the implementation of BREXIT, they are now compelled to the same cost as other Non-E.U. students.

Below are some more hurdles faced by international students.

1. Cost and Slow Visa Processing

To make the visa processions more stringent, the cost and speed of permitting visa to international students have decreased tremendously. This is a clever strategy as students will be demotivated to apply in the UK if their visa gets declined at the last moment or it takes more time than usually anticipated, making them miss an entire semester. Due to such inconveniences, students will be compelled to turn to other countries to pursue education.

2. Increased Surveillance For Non-E.U. Students

There is reportedly a higher surveillance rate for non-E.U students throughout their stay in the UK as a result of which, students have to report to their institutions about their stay and whereabouts regularly. This generates an extremely unwelcome feeling within the students, and they feel like outsiders at all times. This is not the case with E.U students. Hence, discrimination seems to be more obvious.

3. Decreased Security In Terms Of Funding and Research Partnerships

A recent trend has been observed where the best researchers in the country are choosing to move abroad and practise their research endeavours there. According to them, they find better and less stringent policies to work outside the UK. In addition to this, the Department of Education has reduced the funding for research. This was the last string that they needed to pull to force all the great researchers out of the country. Thus, students who were looking for a career in research have also suffered.

4. Culture Shock

Culture shock is a real phenomenon and a cycle that most international students experience during their stay in the UK. When they initially begin their academic journey abroad, they are elated and experience a honeymoon phase where everything is hunky-dory and positive. However, as time passes, they face several crises. This leads them to isolation and feelings of loneliness, and it takes them time to adjust to the new environment. Leaving friends back home and starting a new life from scratch is challenging. Furthermore, racial discrimination and strict surveillances don’t help the case either. Hence, culture shock remains pretty eminent for a long time.

5. Financing

It is a known fact that living and studying in the UK is extremely expensive. This results in severe stress and anxiety in the lives of international students as they juggle multiple part-time jobs at a time. By law, international students are allowed to work 20 hours per week. From tuition fees to paying for the rent and food, financing becomes a major hurdle of their life. Some begin to actively write for essay writing services to earn extra cash. However, the multi-tasking makes the students lose focus from their education.


Hence, due to the regular changes in political, economic, and social climate, international students in the UK suffer tremendously.