What is an essay and how many types of essay are there

All You Need To Know About Essay Writing

Derived from the Latin word, “exagium,” the word essay translates to mean, ‘presentation of a case.’ Subsequently, essays are written to present an opinion, argument or factual information. In higher level education, essays are assigned to students in order to gain insight into the student’s opinions on social and academic causes as well as to test their writing abilities.

In addition to presenting one’s argument, essays also serve as a basis to analyse popular researches and statements while conducting a critical evaluation of the stated facts. By means of essay writing, students are provided with the platform to express their thoughts and beliefs by using language. Although there are several types of essay writing, the following styles are often assigned to university students:

Expository Essays:

Expository essays are assigned to students in order to comprehend the level of knowledge that a student possesses. In contrast to other categories, expository comprise only of facts, examples and statistics. The tone utilised in these, is strictly formal in order to demonstrate the validity of the facts. Additionally, these are written on a varied scale such as: compare and contrast, process and cause and effect essay.

Persuasive Essays:

When students are assigned with the task of constructing a persuasive essay, their abilities to convince the reader are tested. These essays should follow a convincing tone and therefore, monitor a formal pattern. The use of strong evidences in the writing can demonstrate the level of knowledge that one has on a particular topic. However, when constructing a persuasive, it is crucial to remain steadfast on one opinion while presenting all sides of the argument. With that in mind, it is essential for the writer to present his/her opinion subtly. Although, discrepancy displayed in one’s writing when it comes to selecting a side demonstrates the lack of knowledge thus, resulting in a weak argument and hindrance in achieving a goal which is to influence the reader.

Narrative Essays:

The purpose of a narrative essay is to allow the writer to articulate a story in the reader’s mind. However, narratives are often assigned to students so that they can express themselves via their writings. Following the structure of first-person writing, narrative essays permit the writer to engross their audience into their story.

Descriptive Essays:

Akin to narrative essays, descriptive essays also involve storytelling. With that said, these essays focus on detail and encourage the writer to define each element in the story clearly so that the reader will be convinced of existing in that particular moment. In most cases, descriptives are employed to define a person, object or place. However, in higher level educational institutions, these essays are a means of expressing a deeper meaning via descriptions so they appeal to the reader’s emotions.

Consequently, all types of essay writing have a similar purpose – to engage the reader while expressing one’s thought process. As a result, the process of writing should be done with planning so that one can demonstrate their arguments with intelligibility.